We exist to bring
Good News to
common places in unconventional ways.

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Our Why

Out of a culture in which skepticism of organized religion and institutional churches is swelling, All Good Things was created to meet ordinary people in everyday places—the spaces where we feel most comfortable—to facilitate intentional gospel connections without coercion or judgment.

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Hymns & Hops

For most of human history, people would gather for drink, conversation, and song. Then, for whatever reason, we stopped. Hymns & Hops is bringing that tradition back. We are the event for people who like to sing their hearts out to old hymns over a cold beer with hundreds of their closest friends, many of whom they’ve never met.

Hymns & Hops is a place for everyone—men and women, young and old, friends and families, tee-totalers and pint-tippers, members of churches or no church at all—to celebrate the Gospel loudly and joyfully together through drink and song.

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Gospel on Tap

Gospel on Tap is a space created uniquely for men to have honest, vulnerable conversations with other similarly situated men about the intersection of their lives and faith—what they find strength in, what they struggle with, and all things in between. It is for men of all backgrounds and denominations, regardless of where they may be in their spiritual journey, their belief in the Gospel, and their walk with God.

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Get Involved

Since 2014, All Good Things has grown from 8 people in a house to thousands of people gathering across several states. The true heroes behind making All Good Things possible are our amazing and humble volunteers.

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