Our Who

Jonathan Parker


“How many years are you going to waste waiting for permission to do what you already know you should be doing?” Someone asked that simple, yet complex, question to our founder in 2014, and it altered the trajectory of his entire life. Jonathan’s process of answering that question years ago led him to give himself permission to do what he believed he should be doing, and he hopes to empower others to do exactly the same.

Since 2014, Jonathan has brought vision, inspiration, humor, empowerment, stories, practical takeaways, and accessibility in every aspect of All Good Things. Whether he’s working in 1:1 development, training a team, speaking, or leading an executive retreat, he holds nothing back in his vision to create space for vision and connection and inspire and empower the people he impacts.

Our Volunteers

Since 2014, All Good Things has grown from 8 people in a house to thousands of people gathering across several states. The true heroes behind making All Good Things possible are our amazing and humble volunteers.

Our Board of Directors

We are incredible grateful for the leadership of our Board of Directors.

  • Bill Simmons, American Leprosy Missions
  • Barry Newkirk, Intellectual Capitol
  • Zach Eikenberry, Hook Security
  • Daniel Thompson, Shannon Forest Christian School
  • Steven Buckingham, Steven Edward Buckingham Law