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Our Why

Singing is one of the most repeated commands in all of Scripture. Additionally, singing is one of the primary ways God wants his people to express and process their emotions. Singing is a way to show our unity and our hope in Jesus. Scripture also repeatedly speaks of drink as a kind of gift that should be responsibly and happily received. It’s often seen as a gift of celebration. So we will continue the long biblical and historical tradition of singing loudly to God while enjoying his good gifts.

What to Expect

Since the beginning, Hymns and Hops has been committed to creating space for the Church to come together and join their voice in song, no matter the denomination, generation, background, or history. Over the years we’ve found our time together not only produces incredible unity as we gather together to share the hymns of our faith, but it also generates amazing opportunity to introduce people to Jesus for the first time or to open the door to conversations for them to re-engage their faith. We typically have at least quarterly gatherings, in local breweries, that are free and open to the public. We hope you will join us for our next worship gathering.

Our Next Gathering

Our Testimonials

“[At Hymns & Hops,] people from every background, race, socioeconomic class, and age gather together.... There’s absolutely nothing that compares to worshiping with strangers! It’s a joyful noise and my heart is full every time we leave!”

“I grew up in church, singing old familiar hymns in old familiar sanctuaries with old familiar people. To me, corporate worship was something I could run on auto-pilot. It is to the point where, now, when I attend church, I don’t sing, because it doesn’t seem genuine. That’s why, at my first Hymns & Hops, my singing along shocked my friends and family. I not only chose to participate—I wanted to—because I was inspired by a legitimate feeling of communal authenticity. I’ve never felt that at church.”

Partner With Us

Hymns & Hops creates every environment with you in mind. Our simple ask is that you join us. But if you would like to see this movement continue to grow across the country, please consider volunteering or giving to create more opportunities to impact thousands of lives.

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