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Our Why

Gospel on Tap was launched to address the deficiency of environments and rarity of relationships available for men to connect and process their lives through the lens of the Gospel. The word Gospel means “Good News about Jesus,” and this truth is the lens in which we will examine and challenge all of life. To be on Tap means to be “freely and immediately available to draw from,” and this is how we believe the Gospel to be. The Good News about Jesus is freely and immediately available to be drawn from, and Gospel on Tap is an environment where the Gospel and life merge together in an atmosphere that is conversational, vulnerable, practical, and tribal.

What to Expect

The environment of Gospel on Tap seeks to invite men to a comfortable place where they can enjoy a beer while wrestling with the implications of living out the Gospel on their daily journey. Men today have few spaces where judgement is left at the door allowing them to safely discuss their personal conflicts and questions about living out the Gospel; Gospel on Tap breaks that trend. If a gathering of men coming together to draw from the Good News about Jesus interests you, come join the conversation.

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Our Testimonials

“Gospel on Tap is a life-changing, God-sized experience with other men where judgment is withheld and the importance of connection is made evident from the outset.”

“Gospel on Tap has changed and informed who I am, and everything that I do.”

Partner With Us

Gospel on Tap creates every environment with you in mind. Our simple ask is that you join us. But if you would like to see this movement continue to grow across the country, please consider volunteering or giving to create more opportunities to impact thousands of lives.

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